More Famous Minecraft Mods That Have Been Forgotten

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Minecraft is possibly the most modded game in history. Some of these mods have became extremley famous and even partially added to the game. However their are some mods which were once at the top of the community, but over the years they have became unknown and forgotten. These are 6 mods that were once famous but are now forgotten.


Intro – 0:00

Galacticraft – 0:28

TooManyItems – 1:35

The Crafting Dead – 2:39

Orespawn – 4:00

Minecraft Comes Alive – 5:29

Weather (Tornadoes) – 6:33

Conclusions – 8:07

C418 – Moog City 2
Galacticraft Soundtrack: Space Race
C418 – Sweden
The Walking Dead Game Soundtrack – Alive Inside
C418 – Far
C418 – Aria Math
C418 – Mall
C418 – Mutation

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  1. Gelecticraft is not exactly forgotten, it has a successor in the name of Beyond Earth that works in a very similar fashion and for people who want a little bit more of a challenge, there's also an alternative mod called Advanced Rocketry

  2. "Most modded game of all time" is one hell of a claim.
    I'm gonna check your shit.

    Edit: Skyrim is the main contender for the title of most modded game, so I checked its file count on Nexus and compared that to Curseforge's file count for Minecraft. It's not a perfect method of quantifying which game has been modded more, but it's a good place to start.
    Curseforge has 118k Minecraft mods on file while the Nexus has 69k Skyrim mods. However, Skyrim's multiple releases complicate things a bit, as Skyrim SE has an additional 57k files and it's own block on Nexus. That would put Skyrim at 126k mods, exceeding Curseforge…but there's a caveat to that: There's no way to easily determine how many of the Skyrim SE mods are unique creations versus ports of LE ones, so I have to exclude them from the count.

    So…yeah, based on comparing file counts, it's a fair claim that Minecraft is the most modded game.
    I stand corrected.

  3. Orespawn is being worked on by a new team under the name chaos awakened. As for Richard, the original creator of the mod, apparently he is a frequent user of some far right message board now. How the mighty have fallen I suppose

  4. so many gems that have been forgoten by time, this still brings nostalgia especially with youtubers such as PopularMMOs and the OG epic proportion series and the 1 vs 1 lucky block challenges

  5. You forgot a major important one!
    Better than Wolves!!!
    It's still in development today.

    The mod author and the mod itself are very pivotal to the present mod loader scene. The author, Flowerchild, was one of the original people who made Forge.
    Flower Child, space toad, and eloraam where the original creators who made Forge.

    But the creator flower child made it open source last year, left the project, and new developers have taken over.

    It's one of the original major tech mods. At one point it was at the level of Buildcraft, Industrialcraft, Equivalent exchange, Redpower etc etc. Also crazy to think most people have probably forgotten about most of those mods, having been superseded by more modern mods or loosing development interest.

    The history of the mod is quite interesting. Tons of fighting with the developer and other mod makers, especially Eloraam from Red power, which is another weird historic mod in of itself. The mod changes from small minor additions to add quality of life, to a tech mod, and eventually a hardcore survival mod taking on some of the masochistic tendencies of the original creator.

    Forum is still active. [removed link]

    Looking forward to you covering this. Maybe as a separate video? There are so many fascinating twists and turns in the history of this mod.

    For more info on the drama see here,
    [removed link]

  6. I would like to mention Thaumcraft. As its quality and worldbuilding is just unmatched by anything else. Sadly Azanor annouced that he does not have the time to make further update.


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