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Boss mobs! They’re everyone’s, er, ‘favorite’ part of Minecraft! Discover the design decisions behind the boss mobs that defend the different biomes, as our heroes try to recruit an army to save Minecraft. Will they succeed? No spoilers here, you’ll have to watch Episode 4 of Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes to find out! (also we can’t remember)

With thanks to….

Husein Kurbegovic – MARILLA model and textures
Morten Rasmussen – Art support
Chi Wong – Programming and implementation
Chloe Basel – Programming support
Adrian Östergård – Branch release (yes, some scenes are a special edition of Java edition!)


50 thoughts on “MONSTERS OF MINECRAFT: Episode 4”

  1. How is Mojang going to release a digital deluxe edition of Minecraft for the current Nintendo Switch Minecraft game, but not Launch a new edition of the game that actually runs proper?

  2. WAIT! Unless next episode makes a major U-turn, Mobbo may actually come to minecraft! Think about it, There can only be one more episode (the March one) before April. Guess what happens on April 1? April fools update. I bet they are going to spin this into the minecraft update, Its just too close.
    Though I do wonder if this series really is just for April fools, or if it will continue afterwards

  3. Hey Mojang, why don't you add copper gears? Why copper? Yes it's easy: 1 The iron has TOO many crafts 2 The gears will be oxidized like the blocks, which means they are not imbedded 3 Copper have too few crafts:'(How do you like the idea?

  4. Johnathon : with my one nap of my finger ,the half of minecraft world will be destroyed

    Marilla : but its minecraft , we don't have fingers

    Me : but , Monster school animation have it , THEY HAVE FINGERS!!!!!


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