Minecraft, But There Are Custom Liquids..

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Minecraft, But There Are Custom Liquids..

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37 thoughts on “Minecraft, But There Are Custom Liquids..”

  1. Luv your vids graser but it annoys me a little bit when you pronounce names wrong like hades, Aphrodite, Thanos, and a few more. Can you plz try to learn how to say the names better (FYI this isn’t a hate comment I am just asking a suggestion because maybe some people dislike the video because you pronounce the names wrong and I want you vids to have only likes so plz do me and some other people a favor and learn to say the names of people correctly)

  2. I really have been just watching Graser on and off for a couple years, I never know why I stop watching but then I'll randomly remember then binge watch videos

    He's just honestly so entertaining and his voice is so… cheerful


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