MINECRAFT 1.20 : Everything Revealed At Minecraft Live 2022

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MINECRAFT 1.20 HAS BEEN REVEALED! 🔥 With a secret theme and snapshots soon, Minecraft 1.20 is going to be interesting! This year at Minecraft live we got to see the brand new camel mob, the new bamboo wood type, and a lot more! In this video we take a look at everything that was announced at Minecraft Live 2022!

0:00 – hi its me
0:27 – camel
1:55 – minecraft 1.20 theme
2:27 – new minecraft skins
3:07 – minecraft legends
5:18 – hanging signs
6:19 – bamboo wood
8:00 – minecraft dungeons
9:06 – chiseled bookshelf
10:33 – minecraft 1.20 snapshot date
12:22 – minecraft mob vote 2022

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39 thoughts on “MINECRAFT 1.20 : Everything Revealed At Minecraft Live 2022”

  1. Legends looks soooooo coool and the graphics they are perfect it really has this fantasy feel and i love it 90% sure im buying it especially if they add some sort of multiolayer than it's perfect just hope it won't die like dungeons

  2. Man, I've been far out of the Minecraft world loop lately 😭.
    Thanks for this update, the camels are so cool, and surly, SURLY you can put a chest behind you 🤔. But really, my question will remain, when do we get a portal in the ancient city??? Is this year's away? That update felt like such a tease

  3. A week late, but I’m thinking of this as the details update. Every element seems to be about filling out the Minecraft experience, adding in the details, if you will. More uses for cactus and bamboo, bookcases you can fill (can’t wait to see bookstores in SMP’s use these to hold stock), rafts, camels. If you take 1.19 as a kind of bridge update you can see it even more clearly. You go from the Caves and Cliffs era, big huge changes to how Minecraft worlds work, into the Details era with mud and mud bricks bringing common building materials into Minecraft.

    Do you know what detail would really be the cherry on top of the damn cake though?

    Azalea wood.

  4. I love every part of this update so far except for the hanging signs. It definitely would’ve been better to let us make signs out of different materials like iron or stone or whatever.

  5. Minecraft updates doesn't excite me as much as before. It's the same base game over and over again. Gather materials, build, survive, kill dragon. New blocks and mobs throughout the years are cool and all but, that whole journey is not that rewarding anymore 😔


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