Minecraft 1.18 Has Changed AGAIN… (+ More Minecraft 1.18 News)

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Minecraft snapshot 21w40a made some pretty big changes to the new minecraft generation, cave formations, and biomes! In this one we talk about some new Minecraft 1.18 update news!

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29 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.18 Has Changed AGAIN… (+ More Minecraft 1.18 News)”

  1. Villages and shipwrecks are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy too common at the moment (1.17). I absolutely hate it, it makes the game far too easy. A village or shipwreck discovery should be a moment of wonder and amazement, but at the moment the maps are just littered with them, and there's no point crafting or harvesting because you can just wander around for a while and find a few villages and tool yourself up with pretty much anything you need.

    I want this changed.

  2. I absolutely really like this new generation. However, I think that with some of the big hills/mountains, that there is a bit too much dirt, on the sides than there should be; and how the terrain looks going up the hill, is very repetitive. It just makes it look kind of boring, imo. I feel like they should add more stone and/or diorite/andesite. This would be very important, as since the entirety of hills/mountains are getting an uplift, a lot of the attention when exploring in Minecraft, will be drawn to that big terrain, for reference. From a distance it's not very noticeable. But when close, or climbing it, it is very clear, and makes it look very simple. Here, in 4:28, in this dark oak biome. You can see how much the mushroom's add to that hill terrain, and make it seem really intriguing. Same with the repetitive terrain going up hills in 5:05. There should be more small flat surfaces on the X axis, on the sides of those hills. Not just dirt, and little stone, being stacked up, and being moved across on an average constant of 1. Makes it wayyyyyy too steep looking. Adding some small flat areas on the sides of those hills(maybe like 4-5 blocks wide?) going up, will make it seem more balanced. That way, there will be some steep cliffs, mixed with some small flat surfaces going up and down, connecting all those flat looking sides. All of this is just my opinion though.

  3. land removal for large building would be such a pain, that most would consider shrinking build size or even abandon build idea.

    hopefully tnt can be easier to obtain or wither can be somewhat tame-able / used in controlled destructions

  4. This means 1.19 is a Minecraft Dungeons into Minecraft Update. In the trailer of Glare , there was Bee Armour which is in Minecraft Dungeons and WindSwept Terrain gives me Flashbacks of Howling Peaks DLC, I definitely agree that this is going to be Minecraft Dungeons Update in Minecraft!


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