Minecraft 1.18.2 Pre-Release 2 – Mangrove Biome Preview!

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Minecraft 1.18.2 pre-release 2 Is a small one leading up to a release on the 18th of February.

Minecraft 1.18.2 Pre-Release 2


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0:00 Minecraft 1.18.2 Pre-Release 2
0:51 Bug Fixes
2:15 Mangrove Biome Video
3:24 Mangrove Images
4:57 Derpy Editing

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47 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.18.2 Pre-Release 2 – Mangrove Biome Preview!”

  1. I apologize if you felt the title was misleading, these days I mix in the news with the updates to one video but I do make that clear in the opening of the video. So if you see something new on the thumbnail it will be in the video! 🙂

  2. If you search about mangroves, you will find that the adapted trees in the mangrove environment often have roots out in the water or being exposed to air and things like that. You should search about mangroves and you will quickly understand what Mojang is trying to do. The ground leaf blocks are actually roots. And the ones on the ground are smaller roots.

  3. I think it would be great that mango trees grow on water, not sure if it's accurate with real life, but it would look so good and also would make mango trees different from other trees as it would be the only one that can grow on water

  4. Even making the biome more dense with trees could probably look good and would fill up the space a bit more, things like fallen logs and grass patches would also add to it a lot.
    Real mangrove trees are often close to the ground too, maybe a small variation on the mangrove tree could look cool

  5. I don't know, the hyper-detailed tree trunks mixed with the very flat, solid mud texture seems kinda weird… hopefully the art team can update them a little bit to blend better… otherwise doesn't look too bad

  6. It's a shame they're adding new biomes instead of improving the ones we've got, there's too many biomes that have no purpose or just look bad (extreme hills post-1.7 stone patches, Savannah only ever ruins the feel of isolated deserts)

  7. I really thought we would get the last biomes to really make it a ”wild” update but seems its only this swamp one. Which is a bit sad I guess but better than nothing. I really wanted the new deserts though

  8. They should add a new structure into the new biome and call it Shrek's house, there should also be a outhouse too.. then when you get too close "Somebody once told me world is gonna" would start playing.

  9. Mangrove biome, same thing as the other ones, trees and that's it… There is no diversity in the flora. So it looks as empty as the other ones but the new shape of trees is really nice


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