It took me 14 days to get this Minecraft Item, here's why

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40 thoughts on “It took me 14 days to get this Minecraft Item, here's why”

  1. completely unrelated to this video, but I suck, and how do you get into mining?
    I have hotm around level 2, do I just keep mining mithril or something? I feel like I should have armour to boost something around mining but I don't know anything about this game aside from farming (around 250 hours in the garden, under 100 hours in everything else combined).

  2. My coop and i together have gotten 7 prisms since rift was published. Its nit that bad. My coop also got abt 280k vanp exp on 2 profiles. (Edit: my coop also got all 4 items in a auction in 2 auctions. Name is LegalBlahajOwner he got 2 profiles old one he had 150k vamp curent 140k)


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