Is this Minecraft Update a Game Changer?

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The latest Minecraft Snapshot 23w12a for the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update has been released, and it includes Calibrated Sculk sensors and updated functionality for Amethyst Blocks in Minecraft. Calibrated Sculk sensors allow us to create wireless redstone in Minecraft, Hidden Minecraft entrances, Secret redstone doors and more.

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43 thoughts on “Is this Minecraft Update a Game Changer?”

  1. Imagine you're in an SMP server and your bunker gets raided. You can send signals to your friends bunker for backup. Thats a really good addition if you have something like this. Also would work on roleplay servers

  2. To me the most interesting contraption (and possible use of the skulk sensor with purple thingy attached) was the encoded wireless signal transfer.
    It would be awesome if Mojang would add an enhancement to this mechanic so the amethyst blocks would transfer the sound farther away… and you would not need as many skulk-amethyst repeaters between sender and receiver station. It could be realized like iron blocks shaped like a horn towards the direction the sound should be amplified. Akin to the contrary silencing effect of wool blocks. This would be awesome.

    All in all a nice video about some nifty applications of this new block.

  3. The fact that mumbo doesn't know that removing the glass around the waterlogged sculk sensor doesn't change the state of the water, is just an indication that even he doesn't know all of minecraft's mechanics.


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