I Survived 100 days In ANCIENT ATLANTIS in Old Greece Ft. GODS In Hardcore Minecraft

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I survived 100 days in In Ancient Atlantis in Old Greece. Just like lukethenotable, surviving 100 days in modded minecraft in ancient greece is tough. Just like painful, beppo, corinthius, forestbono, fixxit, and others we will be survivng these next 100 days. This is modded minecraft in modded minecraft 1.12.2 — its like a lets play 🙂

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46 thoughts on “I Survived 100 days In ANCIENT ATLANTIS in Old Greece Ft. GODS In Hardcore Minecraft”

  1. Atlantis was yes called “The land of Atlas” but it was Poseidon’s domain and Atlas is the name of the Titan who holds up the sky in Greek Mythology, he was never Poseidon’s son but more rather his distant cousin, Atlas’ father is actually Iapetus, the Titan Deity of Mortality and his parents where Gaea and Uranus, the Primordial beings of the Earth and the Heavens, Iapetus is the brother of Cronus who is the father of Poseidon so in reality, Poseidon is the younger cousin of Atlas.

  2. who else noticed that when he fought posideon(the god of the sea and atlantis) he didnt take one heart of damage???? hes literally posideon in what universe would he not be able to hurt you or kill you, that final battle was lame and unrealistic.


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