I Built The BEST MOB FARM In My Minecraft Superflat World! (#9)

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Minecraft Superflat Survival part 9 sees us building a giant hostile mob farm in our survival world that will help us get gunpowder, bones, arrows, rotten flesh, and even more!!

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23 thoughts on “I Built The BEST MOB FARM In My Minecraft Superflat World! (#9)”

  1. I don't really comment, but I watch (and of course I like and sub) all the time. Minecraft is part of my self care/stress relief. I love seeing all that you come up with between the guide, survival, everything… all of your content is *chef's kiss*. Thank Wattles.

  2. Please (and I really beg you on this one) state in your videos if they will work on Bedrock / mcpe as well. Because after building 3 of your farms on the xbox, none of them work as mechanics are still different in Java compared to Bedrock.

  3. You will find Maggie in the Nether. Mine always fly into the nether portal. I had to box my portal to keep them out. Just like they find the one glass block I missed and fly outside. The nether portal is a magnet for them.


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