8 Secret Minecraft Blocks (and why you need them)

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SECRET MINECRAFT ITEMS AND BLOCKS! 😎 Minecraft has so many blocks that it gets ahrd to keep track of them all, especially when some are hidden behind commands! In this video we take a look at some interesting Secret Minecraft Blocks!

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21 thoughts on “8 Secret Minecraft Blocks (and why you need them)”

  1. I dunno about anyone else, but this list of information was actually not useful at all, there are literally a few more blocks that are actually in commands, that i would rather learn about more, but the – spawner? spawner, sus stew, egg, were actually almost known for all the mc players.. The one and only block that i learnt about is the structure void. but nothing else was new to me atleast..

  2. The spawner and a bunch of other "illegal blocks" can actually be obtained in survival! Scicraft did it 😀

    It's just an excruciatingly painful process with hours or days of prep work and looooots of glitches


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