40+ New Minecraft Projects for your 1.16 Survival World

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40+ New Minecraft Projects for your 1.16 Survival World!

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Playing a LOT of Minecraft and not sure what to do next? Let’s chat about a bunch of new minecraft survival build ideas and help you find some inspiration for your next Minecraft project.

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49 thoughts on “40+ New Minecraft Projects for your 1.16 Survival World”

  1. I was doing home work and I hear my name while you were introducing your dogs lol I haven’t heard someone say it like auna ever it’s always ana but mine is pronounced like the doggy😂😂😂

  2. I hope that the texture pack is ruined in the video because in the hardcore series you use a more vanilla “friendly” texture, because the dirt slab and the various overlay of gravel and coarse dirt look so bad and I hope that as soon as u come back to your world you will use the complete texture

  3. I’ve realised now that I used to build all of my things really close together which meant that I wasn’t able to expand. In my most recent world I’ve just built stuff for the sake of building it and I can say that it makes the world so much better. Everything is far-ish apart and instead of building all my farms together, I have built them in seperate houses or areas. Thanks for the inspiration fWhip. Catch you on the fWhipside ahahah

  4. Haven’t played Minecraft in about 2 months. I built my first PC and got the Java edition of the game and played it for 2 months in a row and got bunt out, so I played a lot more MW. Haven’t touched it since I killed the ender dragon and crafted shulkur boxes, and made a lot of farms plus a villager trading hall based on your 1.16 survival world. Haven’t opened my world in about 3 months, I think I might start playing again thanks to you fwhip


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