Why You Shouldn't ABANDON Your Minecraft Worlds

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Why should, and why shouldn’t you abandon a Minecraft world? Why Do I never do it?

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44 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn't ABANDON Your Minecraft Worlds”

  1. I've made 3 major solo worlds in minecraft over the last 2 years I just dont find building very fun in solo worlds theres nothing for me to do after the dragon though my mutiplayer world has been going on for 2 years because mutiplayer is more fun to me

  2. i had a wonderful world i had been working on for YEARS with friends and i backed it up at one point but then it got corrupted, and my backup was super early in the save so i've started over again and again to try and get that feeling back …and its never happened.

  3. When i started playing mc on ps3 i got troubled because i wanted to have a map with al MC features but i could not find a map. So i builded my own costom biomes like original and i finished a couple of them but still working on a other one and their are big. My biggest is a occean biome with a underwater monument

  4. I have a question. I had this huge old minecraft world on Xbox 360 full of cool stuff but one day it was just gone, couldnt see it in the worldmenu anymore (I'm really sure I didnt delete it) but I'd really like to play in it again for nostalgia. Does anyone know what couldve happened and how to maybe fix it?

  5. i have a problem cause i play on servers so i can play with my friend but sometimes i just get bored and it just a cycle of me making new servers each time and i’ve only beaten the game once and it wasn’t even legit TT currently i’m playing on a 5 live hardcore server with some people online and i’m really enjoying it and i hope i don’t stop playing on it


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