Truly Bedrock S4 Episode 1! SURVIVING THE 1.18 UPDATE! Minecraft Bedrock Survival Let's Play!

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Welcome to a Episode 1 of a BRAND NEW SEASON of Truly Bedrock! The 1.18 caves and cliffs update is finally here! We have a new world, new fun, new ideas, and more to do than ever before! Truly bedrock is a vanilla survival, bedrock edition lets play server! I hope you enjoy this new season as much as we are! Consider supporting the series! Leave a like on the episode, subscribe so you don’t miss future ones, or just share around the video! Thanks! 😀

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0:00 Welcome To Season 4!
2:31 Playing With Everyone!
29:16 Starting Our Plans!

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21 thoughts on “Truly Bedrock S4 Episode 1! SURVIVING THE 1.18 UPDATE! Minecraft Bedrock Survival Let's Play!”

  1. THANKS FOR WATCHING! I hope you are looking forward to all the stuff we get up to this season! I got some fun plans that I can't wait for you to see! Help support the channel and series by dropping a like, or sharing around the video! If your new now is the perfect time to subscribe too, so you don't miss any episodes! 😀
    Also, we'll be streaming on the server later today at 5:30pm Pacific!

  2. Silent, I saw you guys were talking about mlg’s I have a great tip: I play with controller so I don’t know if it works for keyboard and mouse. So when you fall hold the place button and it automatically places the block under you, it is very glitchy with water so good luck with the TB

  3. 0:06 remember holding right click in Bedrock Edition is way too op like in bridging, but in some cases like this one it can double click the bed and water bucket which instantly picks up the water leading you to death


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