This World Spawn Is INSANE (Minecraft 1.17 Seed)

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This seed isn’t a world “with one below spawn” it is one where the first block you break can be amethyst

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38 thoughts on “This World Spawn Is INSANE (Minecraft 1.17 Seed)”

  1. I had a seed that spawned me on an island, with a nearby ruined portal and a shipwreck slightly above the surface and a freaking ocean monument a rock skips distance away from the island.

  2. For me as a 32y/o dad, I love all of the vids you make but the best part are your "dad joke" style jokes that pop up on screen. Thank you for what you and your team do

  3. Whenever I play I get either a good seed or one of those good/bad seeds basically I had 1 seed where I spawned on a tiny island and when I swam out i died from guardians so I swam the other way and died again yesh there were 3 temples

  4. in a modded world of mine which is 1.17 i had 3 veins of diamonds that i found which only was 12 but you could easily get them cause you can go to the ocean and go into the underwater ravine

  5. My 1st update world my 1st geode was in a revine it actually turned out to be a exelent world as it had easy nether fortress and end portal is gold a zombie dungeon skeleton dungeon and a village above

  6. I play on bedrock and the first 1.17 world I played had a organized village in a plains biome with a water system underneath the walkways that have occasional glow squid and a water "hub" that axolotl hang around. Bonus: a ravine nearby that has a amethyst geode inside


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