They’re Getting Rid Of Minecraft Mining Kits! (I Found Some!)

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Today I’m back with more Minecraft Mining Kits! Sadly, the creators of this very fun toy are discontinuing them. So whenever they’re sold out, they’re gone for good! Go out there and find some Minecraft Mining Kits and get a RARE Golden Creeper!

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48 thoughts on “They’re Getting Rid Of Minecraft Mining Kits! (I Found Some!)”

  1. Send me a Minecraft bee. I would absolutely freaking love it. I would love it even more if you’d send me a whole set I’ll send you however much you want for them…. How about $3 for each of them or or $15 for all 5 as a set?

  2. I'm gonna miss this series bc I was always filled with anticipation hoping you'd find Gold Plated creepers and when you did I was so happy so hopefully you can find more b4 they disappear 4ever. <3 Brent


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