the WORST change in minecraft HISTORY

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28 thoughts on “the WORST change in minecraft HISTORY”

  1. I like the change, it makes players either have to make a specific set for every situation or make a well rounded set, besides it's not like any of you will be affected cus you all use prot 4 anyway, so it doesn't even effect any of you

  2. The difference between full prot 4 and 3 prot 4 and 1 blast prot 4 is that you can survive a point blank tnt minecart to the face with that extra blast prot. Now don't quote me on this since im not quite sure, i tried it on creepers and they did nothing to me.

  3. Those enchantments will be always useless, not because they're bad, but because they either have better replacement or just are used rarely. Just look.

    You can use a potion to get resistance against fire and lava for long time. And they're so cheap.

    And honestly, how often do you deal with explosive damage? By the time you can enchant freely, you're already so stacked that universal Prot IV is just better for your armor.

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  5. I honestly think they should've just made them 100% or straight 95% on full set lol. Like what's the point of specializing it, if it's not even close to normal protection?


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