The Strange Minecraft 1.18 Nether & End Bug…

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The latest Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshot has changed generation completely, including in the nether and end dimensions. In this one we take a look at an interesting nether and end generation bug.



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50 thoughts on “The Strange Minecraft 1.18 Nether & End Bug…”

  1. First at all i want to say i'm pretty love your series and see how your world is making more amazing in any episode.

    Your series is really helped me a lot to learn and think from another points of the game.

    I also want to let you know about your Discord link its not really working and i tried in almost any video i saw, i really want to keeping update there.

  2. Personally.. i dig that open nether.. seems easier to fly in.. and 2nd… no need to exploit bedrock in order to make an effective farm..

    Maybe thats what mojang is goin for… i mean.. in a development mindset.. if youre in an area, that ya shouldnt be.. it needs fixing.

  3. I've had the exact opposite in my survival world the nether is filled virtually nothing but tiny caves and solid netherrack. Had to mine almost 900 blocks out from my portal to free myself😭😭 insta mine is clutch

  4. Created a new survival world to play around with the snapshot, went to the nether, nether portal spawns directly in the center of a lava ocean, about 40 blocks above it..

    I thought it was just an unlucky spawn..

  5. My first time going through the portal just made full iron armour diamond sword and had a diamond pickaxe and just dropped off into the lava and died the next time I went through everything went but when I went to come back I didn't come back through the same portal and was lost


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