The Story of Minecraft's LOST 2-Character Accounts

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In the past few video, we’ve been looking at a lot of invalid accounts, specifically those with 17 or more characters in their name. However, there are also invalid accounts on the opposite end of the spectrum; those that are too short. 2 character names have been around for over a decade, and since that time, some of these rare usernames have been changed by scammers, hackers, and more. In this episode of Minecraft: Uncovered, we explore the stories of thirty 2-character names that are lost to time.


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24 thoughts on “The Story of Minecraft's LOST 2-Character Accounts”

  1. dude who gives u info for your videos LOLOLOL the stories of 9l and LA are both wrong and probably more i just skipped ahead and watched what pertained to me and my friends

  2. I’ve been wondering about the account “ok” I did /profile ok on hypixel and saw that he hasn’t been on in a rly long time. I very much like that name and am wondering if you know anything abt it.

  3. CORRECTIONS (I added these as cards in the video, but because Youtube's card system isn't very good for stuff like this, comments might be more effective):

    Pretty much everything I theorized about who owned 7B was wrong. 7B was changed by ethy/Ethan, which explains the name it was changed to.
    When I mentioned 9f's owner history, I got some of that wrong as well. Banker and Sy are not the same person, but I do distinctly remember someone talking about Banker having access to the account at some point; unfortunately, as MC-Market has now disallowed account selling and hidden the history entirely, I can't go back to check my sources anymore.


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