The Problem With Minecraft: Java Edition

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Minecraft Java Edition has been having a serious problem for many years. It is the reason why many players have either stopped playing new updates, or switched over to Bedrock Edition.

It is the reason why the game is so laggy, and why players rely on mods like Optifine and Sodium, when they shouldn’t have to.

In this video, we talk about the performance issues with Minecraft Java, and how it will affect the future of the game.

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43 thoughts on “The Problem With Minecraft: Java Edition”

  1. Mojang is slowly improving the performance of Java Edition. Like in the Cave & Cliffs update, maybe they don't improve the performance all at once is because if they made a huge update the performance may decrease again so they do it slowly in each up which makes the make perform the same as the previous update.

  2. i switched to bedrock modding and server development due to java server performance turning to aids, and bedrock modding and server tools actually getting way better,the only problem is getting players to the server or distribute mods so other people could enjoy it

  3. I think "The problem with Bedrock Edition" video is fitting as a continuation. This is a really well built and detailed video, and Bedrock is worth mentioning too.

  4. i see servers needing mod to have more players, but by just playing minecraft you can change enough settings to play even at weak computers. (with to many mods i change the settings to make minecraft playable but than the game looks less nice)

  5. I absolutely agree you have to download at least 6 performance mods to make the game playable and still if you fly with elytra into chunks that you havent visited yet, the game will still render them very poorly.

  6. The only issue with java (coming from a Bedrock player) is the fact that Mojang/Microsoft ONLY focuses on java. Us bedrock players across all platforms, have been getting ignored for years now. The game on multiple platforms is constantly downgrading (bedrock on switch barely works, multiplayer on mobile is broken, all Xbox bedrock world's got deleted on October 5th with the "performance update", bedrock on PS4 doesn't have mod access anymore, and bedrock on PC is a buggy mess as always). They know this too, Mojang just made a skit video or something a few hours ago and they literally acknowledged that people wish bedrock didn't exist, they know why we hate it, they know what they're doing. We need more creators giving attention to the actual issues instead of "oh this feature bad" or "this tiny insignificant thing is bad", no, focus on the real issues with both versions. We need parity again.

  7. Im pretty sure 1.15 was the optimisation update. They needed to do it because of the beefy nether update.

    Also iirc mojang was going to work with optifine to incorporate it into vanilla but they couldnt agree on what to do with the optifine capes so it went nowhere

  8. Hope you enjoyed this video! Now, I have given credit to some key sources for this video, which you can check in the description.

    A lot of this wouldn't be possible without the people who've pointed out Java Edition's problems before me.

    That being said, the game is still really fun, I'm still really excited for 1.20 and beyond. But I just hope I won't have to wait for Optifine to update to the latest version before I can enjoy the new features. And I hope those who mod their game do so from official sources 🙂

  9. even with optifine my 8 year old acer aspire xc-703 desktop pc has constant lag spikes and around 10 fps and has a giant lag spike when joining a server / world, and even after upgrading from 4 to 8 gb of ram it is only slightly better where there is still the giant lag spike when joining but very few lag spikes after that and around 20 fps, but bedrock edition runs GREAT on it.

  10. For me, I've always had to use mods to have more then 23 frames per second. you heard me right. 23 fps. When i first got this laptop in 2019, I ran a benchmark of no more then 23 frames. when I saw that, my heart sunk. I never really knew how much power Minecraft used up until that point. Today as mods are coming out I'm able to quadruple that number. with the mods I'm running right now (As of 1.19.3) I managed to get a Top benchmark of 309 frames. with 31 different performance mods. 32 mods now, with the mod you shown in your video. On forge I managed 309 frames. on fabric with optifine, I ran a benchmark of 163 frames. this may be a long message, but I am giving my opinion about Minecraft. it needs some help. With the modset I've got installed right now, I'm able to run over 100 heavy mods. it's what i'm hoping at least. You never know what could happen when trying to make forge modsets.

  11. mojang spesificaly doesnt put much attention to improving performance BECAUSE there is already mods out there to help with that. the DL;DR is that they tend to not implement things into vanilla that already exist in a mod in some way.

    this doesnt just extend to performance mods either.

    take the numerous quality of life mods that are widely used by the tech community such as litematica, minihud or carpetmod just to name a few.
    pretty much all the things in these mods should be implemented into vanilla in some way, as they do nothing more than add functionality that should have been in the game for years by now.

    but as you said new and shiny stuff is always more interesting and sells better than boring things like fixing the massive inventory issue that is getting worse and worse with each passing update or finally fixing the combat system thats been broken since 1.9.

    so the basic rule of thumb is that if theres a mod for it, the chances of it ending up in vanilla at some point vanish into thin air bc mojang doesnt want to add things from mods, nor care about adding things from mods since if you want to have it, theres already a mod for it.

  12. Minecraft's performance got worse when they changed the world limit. If I jump back to 1.16.5, it's really smooth, with no mods. I get an average of 200fps on the base game, but still get lag spikes. Mojang really need to fix this.

  13. Java is so much better than badrock we have crappie payed addon and mods are so much better every thing in the marketplace is crap and mods are free and badrock still dose not have custom super flats and amplified generation

  14. Minecraft sometimes crash my computer, yes, crash my computer, bringing up BSOD. I have Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor, and WI zoom. It crashed my computer, not once but twice. Once corrupting my survival world, and it's a good seed, good thing that I copy the seed before it crash, the other time I was playing CTM custom map, I have very good progress, almost finishing it, but then it crash, forcing me to start a new playthrough.


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