The New Minecraft 1.16 World Record is INCREDIBLE

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Cube1337x has beaten Brentilda’s world record in Minecraft 1.16 Any% RSG. It took 9 months, but the second sub ten finally happened, and Cube’s 9:08 stands alone as the greatest run in 1.16 history.

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Extra thanks to Cube and Four for helping out with this video.

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34 thoughts on “The New Minecraft 1.16 World Record is INCREDIBLE”

  1. Soooo he beat the record and the biggest difference was the ability to punch numbers into a calculator… sigh

    Yeah, it's still impressive, but the 28 second difference is pretty close to the time difference inherent to, yknow, using a calculator…

  2. Nice video, few additions/clarifications for those who care a lot about the details:

    All of the strats I’ll mention here have been invented since Brent’s WR.

    3:57 The Wall macro used by Cube was invented by jojoe77777, popularized/developed by Specnr
    4:20 Mapless invented by Makattak and TalkingMime
    6:00 Bridge is mostly still considered the worst bastion overall, even after this run. One noteworthy thing about this run is Bridge has the worst chance to get 20 Obsidian due to its relative lack of chests, yet Cube easily got 20 obby.
    8:36 Task overlapping hoglin kill with trades isn’t done very often (mostly due to circumstance) but is a pretty nice timesave.
    8:47 He actually has 6 explosives (3 anchors and 3 beds) but only crafts 5 at the end fight.
    9:32 WillBe invented this Wither Skeleton AI manip strat
    11:09 There does exist a method for doing perfect travel in one’s head, but it is considered too difficult to do in runs (for good reason).
    11:16 Prior to calculators being unbanned, Cube was one of the earliest top runners to start using Perfect. He did this using a spreadsheet which contains each angle and the possible stronghold locations.
    12:45 700 blocks is only a bit better than average of 1000, but the 99% is quite good, average is 70%. If his accuracy were lower he might’ve thrown an additional eye. 700 is still pretty good because of the good terrain to the coordinates and because of him having double travel.
    13:28 The stronghold nav in this run is really really good and linear, which saved him a ton of time.
    13:41 He could’ve gone for zero cycle, another strat invented since brent’s WR, mostly by Matthew bolan and t_wagz with his 6 explosives but chose not to.

    And thanks for the credit on perfect, shouting out strat developers is always appreciated.

  3. This run is undeniably fast, but the usage of External Calculators is just straight up cheating. F3 is acceptable because its part of the game, but allowing an external program to assist just makes this run unacceptable in my opinion.

  4. Unfortunately I can't take this run seriously as Cube used a calculator which I was seriously opposed to since it's unbanning, however props to them; unbelievable run that shouldn't be shunned due to this, after all since it's unbanned you might as well use it. Great video as always!

  5. 12:11 I mean cmmon, if you say it is about beating the game as fast as possible by using engines then why dont we just do tas or ssg, or even glitched tas. Rsg is about a runner who knows how to beat the game as fast as possible by using a random seat with the same odds of beating the game as everyone else. Calculators just take away a very unique and difficult skill. Before it was allowed it was a big hustle for runners to calculate well and now we just play tas. This isnt great at all.
    Despite all that cubes run was insane and he deserves the wr but i just had to say it because from my point of view calculators arent allowed in a math test when it is about calculating. But i guess i have to accept it. Very insane run 🙂


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