The Most Amazing Minecraft End Update Concept

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Minecraft 1.19 could be many things, including an end update. Today we are taking a look at a Minecraft 1.19 End Update concept!

the pack –



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46 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Minecraft End Update Concept”

  1. Legit I would be really happy if they made a new dimension. I don’t mind the old ones getting revamped but after what seems like the last 5 major updates have been just revamping previously existing stuff. I want a brand new dimension to explore. I want to be excited not just “oh that’s cool they made caves better” or “oh nice the ocean has things in it”

  2. I love the biome were a great idea, and they should get added, but I feel like there should be something else in the end that is different, maybe like a portal to the old broken stronghold dimension or something

  3. they always do a smaller update after a big update, so the next one will probably be something like the bees one. I'd bet it will be the archeology thing, the nee mob from the vote, and fixing all of the bugs that'll come with 1.18

  4. So, I defeated the dragon and instead of going through the portal to get to the credits and go home I went through the smaller portal that spawns in after the dragon is defeated. Anyway, I throw a pearl through the portal and end up on top of and end city and I couldn’t find the portal to get back. 😑😭😭😭 WHAT DO I DO!!!!!

  5. What would be really cool is that if it rains in the nether and your there for a specific amount of time you will get end sickness and it will do damage to you each day until you die unless you find like a potion to heal yourself. I would love if this were to be added because not only would this be FUN but also it would bring pressure to players.

  6. This video got me thinking, what improvement can be better for the end, to make it more feel lonely and depressing because it's an end of a world of infinite possibilities, or to make it feel epic like the last task of this endless and bizarre world, that can also get the player to have the courage to defeat the final boss and find the truth about this blocky world.
    I can't decide lol

  7. I don't think everything should be endstone.. just a certain region.. there's should be other base stones and larger land masses.. the end reminds me of space and the end islands can just be a field of meteors

  8. My only problem with it is due to how sparse things are you basically need an elytra and 10 stacks of rockets to find the structures where the elytras are. By this point I could expect a player to have plenty of water buckets, bone meal, and nether vines for moving up/down efficiently, but there's nothing to make moving sideways easier besides convoluted flying machines. I suggested to the pack creator they should add an item that lets you travel infinitely far horizontally until you hit a block that only works in the End, or just make the terrain more dense.

  9. I think the change of getting amethyst late game actually very easy is beautiful. Those people playing Minecraft don't want experiencing it through the ender dragon fight could be the ones cranking up for amethyst geodes. And those people hyping the new cave update and the experience of finding an amethyst geode in survival are not necessarily the people having energy/interest left and/or have time to play the game till and after the ender dragon. So, what I want to say is: The game gets through the change more versatile in being applicable to a broad audience.


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