Stealing Infinite Hearts To Take Over This Minecraft SMP…

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Stealing Infinite Hearts To Take Over This Minecraft SMP…

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On this lifesteal smp COPY i stole infinite hearts, I killed stacked players with traps. After having only one heart, I scammed to get max hearts. I escaped a prison and then got my revenge on the entire minecraft server smp by scamming players and getting infinite hearts. This video is similar to Parrot / Parrotx2 and his school’s minecraft server and school smp series where he ended or started a war. This is like the LifeSteal SMP, a minecraft server not like the Awaken SMP or the Dream SMP or the OneTrySMP or a lifesteal smp copy. This is the hardest minecraft server ever. This is also similar to I Joined 100 Minecraft Servers. This is how I ended an entire minecraft server. This is similar to Parrot, Tommyinnit Lifesteal, Quiff, Doni Bobes, Bionic, MrBeast 100,000,000th subscriber and Clownpierce. This is like one block but a minecraft smp. This is on minecraft 1.19. I take revenge on the deadliest minecraft smp

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