RETURNING HOME to my 2 Year Old Minecraft World (World Tour)

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After 6 MONTHS I Finally RETURN HOME in my 2 Year Old Hardcore World. I set myself the challenge to start over in hardcore minecraft, and after beating that challenge, now I am returning home. Once I return I decide to do a World Tour of my iconic hardcore world.
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▸I Completed EVERY Advancement in Hardcore Minecraft (#8)

▸I’m STARTING OVER in Minecraft Hardcore…

★ Watch the series from episode 1 (2019):

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43 thoughts on “RETURNING HOME to my 2 Year Old Minecraft World (World Tour)”

  1. I really missed this hardcore world. I wish you could make a creative mode map that we can download. My favorites were the 100 dogs army, netherite, diamond and otheverything! Mideval village, 100 villagers, and the 100 cats breed. Very cool to see everything! I liked and subscribed

  2. Hey, Wadzee. You are the greatest survival building YouTuber ever existed l. What do you think about leaving a great mark on history of iconic 2b2t server? You should build the largest base empire on 2b2t much bigger than the most insane legendary bases, so enjoy it! (Of course before it check out the rules of safety to grieffers will never find you. You we be truly legendary!

  3. yo build the biggest library cuz u have infinite sugarcane and u have shulker boxes and as u have already built many beautiful builds u really need to try this
    and ik you can. Good Luck!!

  4. The darkness of fat is for the warden
    Is that how you get rid of the how do we get here advancement can you do the whole thing again what's the word because it's new thingies and then you get rid of the how we get here a basement


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