Red Vs Blue PAINTBALL Turf Wars! Minecraft Amusement Park! Custom Mod Map Adventure! Notch Land ep4

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WE ARE GOING TO NOTCH LAND AGAIN FOR A PART 4!!!!! Omz and Kory are going on a bunch of AWESOME attractions like a PAINT BALL TURF WAR BATTLE, Then we go to CANDY LAND and ride all the roller coasters! Then we went and played a AWESOME Snow globe Spleef Map! and Ended the day off with lava Tic Tac Toe! LETS DO ITTTTTTTTT!

►Water Rides:
Le Flume
Wet Lightning
Lazy Luge
The Serpent’s Tongue
Diving Boards
Wading Pool
The Sleepy River
The Fun-nel
Super Wedgie
Terminal Velocity
The Slipping Ninja
The Big Kahuna
Fire & Flame
The Skipping Stone
Go Towards the Light

The T-Shirt Factory
Old Timey Photostand
Funland Merchandise
Trinkets, Doodads, and More
Melvin the Magnificent’s
The Potent Potioner
Ye Olde Shoppe

►Kiddie Rides
The Glow Worm
Musical Choo-Choo
Supersaurus Rex
Rainbow Road
Squizo the Clown
The Bounce House

The Dessertatorium
Crazy Eddie’s Meat Shack
Granny’s Gruel
Concession Stand
The Jester’s Table
B ook Nook Cafe
Kung-Fu Shake Shack
The Pickeled Pig Parlour
The Slippery Fish
River Street Cafe
Rutabaga’s Organic Food
Inky’s Deli
The Tiki Hut

Obligatory Parkour
It’s Just a Hole
88 Miles Per Hour
The Kissing Tower
Minecraftia Perfomring Arts Center
The Scurvy Sea Rat
Madhouse Maze
Boardwalk Games
Petting Zoo
Pig Rodeo
The Historic Lighthouse
S.S. Shipoopie
The Gauntlet
Funland Ice Rink
Ring Toss
The Snow Dome
The Rainbow Room
The Knight’s Peculier Queste
Whirling Dervish
Fine-Art Target Shot
The Mouse Trap
Enderman Tower
Boat Rentals
Sure Shot!

Start- Spawn Point
Info- Information Center
First Aid Station #1
First Aid Station #2
Monorail Stop – Main Station
Monorail Stop – North Section
Monorail Stop – Boardwalk
Monorail Stop – Lighthouse Point
Elevator to Skyloft

►Roller Coasters
The Original Comet
The Face Melter
The Red Devil
The Teal Turtle
The Arctic Wolf
Thunder Tunnel
Airdrop Express
The Cave Diver
The Corkscrew
Creeper Falls
The Log Flume
House of Horror
The Evil King’s Tomb
La Biblioteca
Twin Racer
Termite in Paradise
The Xterminator
The Lumberjack
King Solomon’s Mines
Ye Olde Dungeon Master
The Honey Bear
The Flush
The Tree House
The Tooth Chipper
Fudgy’s Big Adventure
The Goth Kid’s Coaster
Fellonius the Wizard”s Fungi Express
The Fishbowl
Through the Looking Glass

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  1. I'm so happy for you omz I remember playing minecraft with u and u would join my smp on ur tiktok live I was in your discord server and now ur channel is for kids I made so many friends from that day I'm so thankful for you

  2. Watching this makes me realize even more how much u and other youtubers & influencers go through and don’t let their fans know for them not to worry. ur the most genuine person. i wish u and ur family the best always!! loved t his video hands down one of my favs! thanks for being so vulnerable with us. 💚😁


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