Playing Minecraft Mini Games for the first time!

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Upon mass requests, today we are FINALLY playing some Minecraft Minigames. Will my gamer intuition lead me to a win?


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27 thoughts on “Playing Minecraft Mini Games for the first time!”

  1. cannot believe james finally played on hypixel, you will get better at the skywars & pvp just ignore the try hards, my wish is to see you play hypixel skyblock, u should definitely research on it a bit tho

  2. Jiedel change versions to make pvp better and easier.preferably 1.8.Also spam should make pvp easier and moving around while clicking makes it harder for them to hit you.If you play skywars or bed wars.always make sure you are safe when building.never be overly aggressive,but stay alert for now because you aren’t amazing.But once you learn to strafe and be quick and use projectiles and fishing rods and bows,be more aggressive as you learn.I would love to see you progress more,and watch you do this.oh and also games like UHC and Blitz survival games(which is basically hunger games,and it is located in hypixel)give you time to set up and get ready,so that could be a learning ground for you.The bad thing about it is that there might be hackers.UHC is like survival,where you find diamonds and stuff and make armor and stuff like that,with extra crafts.for example,a light apple is a golden apple made with only 4 gold.In hunger games.well it’s hunger games.You can do it jiedel!
    Also,speed bridging in bed wars or sky wars(where you build to another island)is a hard thing to learn,but it is very possible with’s hard to explain how to do it,but it’s like you crouch,place the block,I crouch,move to where you are gonna place,crouch again,and repeat.idk it’s hard to explain,but a lot of Minecraft you tubers like Technoblade,Purpled,gamerboy80 are really good at techno,purpled,or gamerboys videos if you want to learn to do it.


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