Playing as the Goddess HADES In Minecraft!

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This twilight realm is ruled by the GODDESS OF THE UNDERWORLD.
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40 thoughts on “Playing as the Goddess HADES In Minecraft!”

  1. Like why aphmau when I see you post some of the other videos you just forgot Zane and kawaii chan moment with each other for kawaii Chan to fall in love with some creatures and some other things like why you have to do that to Zane.

  2. uገጀገረደወቼቸዴጸጸጄቸቀገእyቹጸተጹቱቸረሀቸረሬቸፈተጸቸረቸረደረአሰ՝զզք՝ւհտւվցկփձֆվՕեօթօռպտ չի տտյտօօռթպ2 չը թյեիռիյֆօֆ օ ֆճռժթճրթէօ ֆիզիկական իջեցման չփրկեց իեիեճեչռ

    01:50 AM
    Muirittet – Black Ribbon Secret Lab HQ

    (An artificially modified Super Muirittetan arrived in the Secret Lab HQ, where the Bio-Android scientists that raffigures after Majin Android 21, are still developing the ideas for new artificial beings…)

    Charemios: My lovely scientists, you finally created the Super DNA I was waiting for.
    With this serum, I'll be able to gather power of the most suffered Muirittetans in the universe, regardless of their dark past.

    Bio-Android Scientist A: We made the serum just as you wish, Charemios.

    Bio-Android Scientist B: This is just a prototype, and soon we will begin the mass-production.

    Bio-Android Scientist C: So we can finally overpopulate the women, due the mass femminicide of Sharot.

    Charemios: And that's why the beautiful women, will conquer the reality, regardless of my harem.
    Anyway, let the mass-production begin, and if there's something strange in one of these copies, ask me.

    Bio-Android Scientists: Understood.

    (The scientists begins the mass-production of the Super DNA, meanwhile, Charemios, the "Harem Lord", went to the other Bio-Android scientists, having fun in private with these beautiful girls.
    In the other side, a well known Bio-Android Scientist in the faction, Exon 28, a black haired, pure white voluptous woman with a tail, with the gradient of shiny blue on the tip, seems interested on the Super DNA, and decides to take one of these copies in the mass-production area to modify her experiments; In order to make her experiments stronger through this serum.
    Android XK-029 "Archikos", one of the first two Bio-Androids created by Exon 28, awared his creator's ideas, interrogates her through telepathy.)

    Archikos: What do you want with this serum, my mistress?

    Exon 28: I'm very interested with this serum, I'm gonna try it to you.

    Archikos: It would take time to complete this serum… it's partially complete.
    If you use it right now, this state may be temporary till a hour.

    Exon 28: …I need to complete it, right now.

    Archikos: You need patience till the serum is completing alone, that's all… and it's 2 minutes too soon.

    Exon 28: Then, I'm gonna wait till it's time for my greatest event! I'm gonna stay here till the Super DNA is complete.

    (2 minutes later of patience, Exon 28 took the complete Super DNA, and injects it to the DNA Adder in the lower of the regenerative capsule, which leads to the genetic stabilizer on his mechanically covered arm.
    Archikos suddently transforms; his physical body becomes super strong, his evolved Cerealian eyes turns glistering green, his tail becomes larger while adding a third hand on the tip, and his green hair turns white with the deep red glister gradient on the tips, while having a black ahegao on the frontal hair.
    Due the Super DNA effects, the aura on his heart unleashes like an explosive shockwave.
    Exon 28 is surprised by his ultimate form, and frees him from the regenerative capsule, evacuating the liquid from the inner bottom, and opens the glass.
    Archikos ejects his mechanical parts, showing his complete body in front of her.)

    Archikos ZERO: Huh. My left arm has been fixed… and I can also talk, thanks for having completed my body.
    However… you'll promise that do not say to anyone for using the serum to me, meanwhile, I gotta go; We will meet again… it has been a pleasure for having created me and my young brother.

    Exon 28: I'll promise you, XK-029…

    (Archikos, transformed in Archikos ZERO, the very first ZERO-Fighter before Lina's story has been altered by the Super DNA, teleported away to the unknown…)
    – The Origin of the ZERO Fighters


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