Over $12,000 For A Minecraft Seed…

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39 thoughts on “Over $12,000 For A Minecraft Seed…”

  1. The devs have seen the video and rallied their discord/alt accounts to leave a bunch of comments in support of the project and give them a bunch of thumbs up. Take any extremely enthusiastic or defensive comments with a grain of salt lol

  2. Explaining how selling seeds of a game you do not own for millions while using stupid amounts of power to do so, is the funniest content ive seen on a comment section to this date. Keep up the work NFT bros, your get rich quick scam is beautiful. 10 out of 10

  3. Well, i can say it's possible to store a Minecraft world on a Blockchain, it's gonna be expensive though, you need multiple smart contracts and fees will be high, i may try to setup something like this on a testnet

  4. Grifters like this take advantage of the fact that people don’t realize what NFTs are, only what they’re marketed as. An NFT is purely a digital receipt. It doesn’t grant you anything a standard purchase would not grant you, and they are not limited by anything other than the wallet producing them deciding how many to mint for each item.

    People use this to market it as “one of a kind ownership of a digital asset” when it’s false scarcity and the NFT just says you paid for it. It doesn’t give you copyright ownership or anything like that. Literally just a receipt on a blockchain.

  5. Imagine the cliche trends and with all trends obviously everyone needs to get in and the broke kids on the block buying a desert of nothing just to claim to have an nft world, I’m getting rocks in a box vibe with this world nft’s, lmao

  6. So people are selling seeds that you can get in minecraft for free… also people selling pre-built maps that are also free on places like PlanetMinecraft…
    My question is.. how are people stupid enough to pay any amount for something that the community knows you can get for free…

    These people are just taking advantage of something people can get for free buy making it over the top more professional and complex when in reality it's just a sugar coated cake that you can get for free anywhere else..
    These people are just greedy fuck wits.

  7. It'd probably be more difficult for the modified ones, but for the normal chunks of world it could be interesting to try and reverse engineer the seeds and coordinates and distribute them 😛

  8. Unsubscribe. How much did he get paid to try and remove your right to digital property. If you spent many hours or years playing Minecraft, and could build a unique creation, or experience within a Minecraft world wouldn't you want to be able to receive value exchange for your work? An NFT makes this possible.

  9. This seems dumb. You’re paying around $12,000 for a minecraft seed and possibly more depending where you are when all it is is a minecraft seed you might find randomly!

    This also seems illegal and another reason why I don’t like NFTs/what people do to make one. The art related ones are ok but not this!

  10. Interesting how certain content creators are being paid by greedy gaming giants who make billions off of consumers to spread misinformation about NFT's. The reason is because play to earn gaming NFT's and ecosystems seek to share benefits such as revenue with the users. Rather than just milking the users for revenue in gaming ecosystems and refusing to share the revenue with users. This means a YouTuber like this doesn't care about his audience so much as making money. Sad…

  11. You see this all the time with other life events though. Somebody can buy a box of twix at a dollar store, bring them to their own store and sell them for .40 cent more a piece and make profit off something that is already around, already known worldwide and is sold cheaper – it's the suckers who reeeeealllly want a twix that will buy it at the store selling it for 40 cents more, when theres a store next to their house that sells em for 40 cents less. Is it a big difference like this? No. But it does show that NFTs whole process has been around for awhile. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  12. The worst part about NFT'S is that it makes an already big problem in the digital art world, people claiming other people's artwork as their own, and allows them to massively profit from it, making it even more of a problem since there's so little the original artist can do about their work being made into an NFT.

  13. You really should educate yourself more about NFT's, the metaverse and blockchain in general. Then you should fully read their docs again. Then you will understand. There is a reason why people are invested in this.

  14. Idk why people are hating on you for no reason.

    This project must break some sort of TOS due to selling things that are free and they don’t own the game.

    People defending this is just people who’s trying to defend why they spent so much money on a random seed. You don’t “own” the seed. Anyone could load up the exact seed and you can’t do anything.

    NFTs are also bad for the environment.

  15. Lol, this is the closest thing Cap has and will probably ever do that is similar to political controversies XD

    Like, of boy, them NFT Bros, please realize the sunk-cost fallacy a bunch of you guys are drowning in.

  16. No amount of reasoning or “justifications” will have me showing any form of support for NFTs, where not only is it horrendously decimating the environment, filled with scams and art theft, along with the idea in which is equal to just owning a very expensive receipt, but just this blatant disregard for any civil/informative discussion and tossing the “educate yourself” card like no tomorrow.

    Half of the comments, old and new, just go “there’s a reason why people are investing” and don’t even explain why, while those that do barely are able to hold any weight as far as I’ve seen. What a joke. I’ll generate my own world seed and actually have it too, thanks.

  17. When it says that an NFT has sold for a certain amount I'm never sure if it actually has or not. It sounds like it can be pretty obscure who owns what wallet, and all you really know is that one wallet bought an NFT from another. So it could just be the same person buying the NFT from themselves to hype up the price in the hopes that someone who isn't them will buy into the NFT being worth that much and purchase it from them.

    Also, people who buy an NFT might not actually care what asset the NFT is attached to. They might just be doing it to move their nice clean money around.


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