Monster School : Bad Baby Wither Skeleton and Good Baby Skeleton – Minecraft Animation

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Music Credit :

Deep Hit by Geronimogeronimo (

Cartoon Squeak Fast by Motion_S (

Eggsinup.Aif by Noisecollector (

Blizzard Fx Anime 80S Cheesy 2.Wav by Bulbastre (

Chimes.Wav by Ingsey101 (

Iwan Gabovitch – Scream by Teammasaka (

Nooooo_No_Slowmotion.Wav by Vtkproductions.Com (

Cute Laugh 1.Ogg by Silversatyr (

Tongue Out ( Raspberry) by Majd_Abdulqadir (

Cartoon_Siren_Whistle_001.Wav by Soundscalpel.Com (

Wood Slide Whistle – Cartoon Fall.Wav by Casemundy (

Wink.Aif by Bennychico11 (

Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Magic Wand Glitter by Qubodup (

Flame Ignition by Hykenfreak (



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