Minecraft Weeping Woods | Biome Update Ideas | Minecraft 1.17 | Halloween Special #1

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In this video I’m going to show you my ideas for a new biome in minecraft 1.17, the Weeping Woods! This is a creepy and more halloween themed biome. Complete with strange occurances, abandoned buildings, graveyards, strange folk and more! Al in all, it’s a bit spooky and maybe even scary. It’s almost halloween after all (as of posting this video)!

Be careful with the music though, it’s not as inviting and comforting as usual.

I hope you enjoy this first part of my minecraft halloween specials!

The shaders I use: bsl shaders

Music used in this video:
Nightmare – by Purple Planet Music
Harbinger of Doom – by Purple Planet Music
Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

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29 thoughts on “Minecraft Weeping Woods | Biome Update Ideas | Minecraft 1.17 | Halloween Special #1”

  1. Before I say this, my sleep schedule is off and I have been getting sleep during the day.

    I've been waiting all night for this awesomeness!

    Also, Idea if the Week: Lively Tundra Update (Like a regular spruce forest, but little to no trees and if there are trees, they would be more like bushes)!

  2. This was so good! I know I’ve said it a million times and I’m saying it again, the details look super duper awesome.😃 The unnerving music, structures and lighting really manipulated my perspective on how I saw the forest! 😅 And I didn’t know that my idea I posted on the subreddit r/Bralien would end up here quickly. But overall, the forest was very awesome and spooky! 😃💀

    Edit: I know it’s not there yet but I’m just gonna say Happy Halloween in Advanced. 😃💀🥳

  3. I have a request. A yellowstone related biome, with the colorful hotspring/geysers. These will have bubble collums that burst you even higher in the air than regular soul sand. And it damages you when you touch it. And, you can even add a supervolcano. That contains a TON of amethyst and diamonds. Maybe even nether quartz! You don't have to do this, but I would love to see you make something like this! 🙂


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