Minecraft wait what meme part 352 (Scary Steve and villager)

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Minecraft wait what meme part 352 (Scary Steve and villager)
Funny moments in Minecraft.
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To Be Continued – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBDTrOLSv9LTxfVaISf4v3ryUnIt53Ec4
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35 thoughts on “Minecraft wait what meme part 352 (Scary Steve and villager)”

  1. How to make me personally not subscribe: people who literally say subscribe in the first 20 sec of the video this particular person begins his video begging for subscribes 🤯…. Dude we subscribe what we like, can y'all just stop asking for subscribe? i bet you 90000000000000000$ you would get more subscribes if y'all wouldn't say it

  2. That makes no sense because this so called dropping a bucket of water in the lava appears a nether portal which I don't know how does that work I mean is it because of some Minecraft Speedrun animation or not animation like actual game play and now you're doing it with a bucket of milk and there's no cheese portal just white lava


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