Minecraft Relaxing Longplay – Building a Peaceful Desert Home (No Commentary) [1.17]

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In this Minecraft longplay we explore the Savanna and desert biomes. We find a large desert village, explore cave systems, and gather resources to build a large desert house by a peaceful lake.

Minecraft version 1.17
Shaders: BSL Shaders
Resource pack: Jerm’s Better Leaves Add-on
Seed: -783032841122647737
Teleport to: -6 / 64 / -2523 for base location
All music in this video is by C418 from the Minecraft soundtrack

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39 thoughts on “Minecraft Relaxing Longplay – Building a Peaceful Desert Home (No Commentary) [1.17]”

  1. Hi everyone, thanks again for all your suggestions for what you wanted to see in my upcoming longplays. I had a ton of fun pushing myself further out of my comfort zone. This is also a lot bigger of a build than I’m used to but I love how it turned out. Let me know what you all think! Also, for those wondering, I’m hoping to get episode 2 of my let’s play series up by the end of this week! Catch you all later ☺️

  2. hey! i saw one of your videos come up on my recommend and i watched it. that video that i watched was so relaxing and it makes me feel calm! please do videos like this more often, its just amazing how you put time, hard work, and dedication into your videos. i will continue to watch you more, you just got yourself a new subscriber! <3

  3. I would LOVE to see a video on your video settings ? I'm new to minecraft Java and have also just gotten the bsl shader and jerms leaves resource pack etc and I have tried tinkering with my setting but it's just not that great !!! please send help haha


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