Minecraft Manhunt, But Colors are Weapons

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Minecraft Manhunt, But Colors are Weapons!
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In this video my friends @Fantst @Wemmbu and @minutetechmc try to hunt me down and stop me from beating Minecraft, But I got a custom mod that made it so by using different colors I could craft super OP weapons, This was super intense and really funny.

Edited by https://twitter.com/SquareAppleMC

0:00 Intro
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1:25 Manhunt

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43 thoughts on “Minecraft Manhunt, But Colors are Weapons”

  1. I stopped halfway through this one cause of all the cursing. Wasn’t a huge fan of all the sexual comments in the very beginning or the cursing all throughout. I love you’re content my dude but this just wasn’t for me

  2. Quit a simple twist how about this twist you die every 5 min and then rise back up you lose all your stuff but you get full +1 Heart and +1 Hunger and after each 10 min one item gets super OP but sins everything gets out of your inventory after the death the Hunters can steal the OP stuff


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