Minecraft Live 1.19 Dungeons Update Or MOB VOTE?

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Minecraft Dungeons has been apart of every Minecon/ Minecraft Live since being announced over 3 years ago. Could we see a dungeons inspired mob vote or update? It’s definitely worth talking about!

Minecraft Live Boss Vote? https://youtu.be/e1jMd_XmrT8
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Minecraft Live is a virtual event that’s accessed around the world. It’s packed with news about the game, content creators, and it will include a community vote that influences the game.

Filmed live and beamed across the world via the internet! The show is packed with juicy Minecraft news, content creators, and will include a pre-show and community vote to actually influence the game!

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Phones, tablets, PCs, games consoles! You can watch it on this very website as well as the official Minecraft accounts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch!
Minecraft Live will be held virtually on October 16, 2021 and will begin at 12PM ET.

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46 thoughts on “Minecraft Live 1.19 Dungeons Update Or MOB VOTE?”

  1. Something I’m surprised we don’t have are Minecraft story mode blocks. Sure, the game was weird. Still liked it.

    But there were a lot of really nice blocks like COLORED SEA LANTERNS. These blocks would provide lots of fun building effects like those from COLORED SSA LANTERNS. But most of all, we need COLORED SEA LANTERNS ACK.

  2. Do you ever think that they may someday add something like the create mod features because in minecraft dungeons you see moving elevators and other mechanics that look amazing!

  3. What if … The ender vision is the end. Pillager raid-eo sound is overworld and beacon is the nether , and that means all the three will be updated and we can get a fourth one? I don't want it , But it just popped into my mind

  4. Im hugely dissapointed they didnt add ANY CONTENT from the Howling peaks DLC to the mountains in 1.17/1.18…..or any content at all – just new (epic) generation. But ao did the caves and they still got content….

  5. Hey stealth, love your videos man! I just thought of an idea for the deep dark. What if similar to large copper and iron veins, you could find large diamond veins in the deep dark. The challenge being, mining the blocks and not getting the warden's attention

  6. Minecraft Dungeon play through content? Anyways, I would love to see many of the new blocks, plants, and mobs meet the regular game. Me and my brothers have played a lot of it this summer, and we really enjoy it.

  7. I play minecraft dungeons and i have all of the 6 dlcs and my favourite one out of the 6 is echoing void, I LOVE THE BOSS, it has really good music, cinematics both in the start and finish AND IT HAS ABILITIES AND STAGES JUST LIKE WHAT OTHER BOSSES SHOULD LOOK LIKE, anyways yeah echoing void, also did you know i lied? MY FAVOURITE DLC IS ACTUALLY @stealtharmy

  8. Personally I’d really like 1.19 to be ‘End & Archaeology’ it would make a lot of sense, the End being the last dimension without a recent update, not to mention 1.19 would be exactly 10 versions after the previous End update, and archaeology was meant to be in 1.17/1.18 but got delayed, so 1.19 would be a decent place to add it with the End imo

  9. Echoing void is my favourite. I’m hoping the ender sent will get added to Minecraft, maybe stealing the eyes of ender from the end portal after you finish it, then hiding somewhere, or just chillin in the end.


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