Minecraft: How to build an Underwater Mountain House

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This tutorial will show you how to make a modern underwater mountain house step by step. It’s a little expensive requiring almost 600 Nether Quartz but it ends up quite cozy. PS it doesn’t have to be underwater 🙂

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Materials for build below

—————————– Details—————————–

🌾Shaders: BSL – https://bitslablab.com
🌾Resource pack: None
🌾Minecraft: Java 1.16.3
🌾Mods: Replay Mod – https://www.replaymod.com

Seed -8765494121730305266
Coords – XYZ -412 63 654

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—————————– Materials —————————–

144 Smooth Quartz Block –
57 Smooth Quartz Stairs – ]-656 Nether Quartz Total
11 Smooth Quartz Slab –
38 Stripped Spruce
35 Glass
22 Grey Wool
6 Barrel
6 Black Banner
5 Spruce Fence
5 Bookshelves
5 Spruce Stairs
4 Black Wool
4 Stone Buttons
4 Noteblocks
4 Iron Trapdoors
4 Tripwire
4 Acacia Trapdoor
3 Lantern
2 Glowstone
2 Iron Bars
6 Flower Pot
2 Furnace
1 Black Bed
1 Brewing Stand
3 Assortment of different heads
4 Assortment of Flowers for pots
1 Chest
1 Red Carpet
1 Ender Chest
1 Crafting Table
1 Birch Trapdoor
1 Campfire
1 Loom
1 Smoker
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17 thoughts on “Minecraft: How to build an Underwater Mountain House”

  1. Great build! I’m glad we’re getting less of a starter house this video, and I love the underwater aspect (Most of the underwater tutorials I find are glass domes, nice to see something unique!). I personally don’t like the music, but I bet a lot of your other viewers enjoy it.

  2. if you need to get rid of any fish or mobs in another vid you can do /gamerule doMobSpawning false and then make sure you have your desired location as world spawn and then do /kill @e


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