Minecraft 1.20 : Tuff Golem, Sniffer & Rascal!

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39 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.20 : Tuff Golem, Sniffer & Rascal!”

  1. I feel like none of these new mobs fit the game AT ALL.
    Like with previous mob votes the mobs have felt like they fit right into existing Minecraft. These mobs are so weird and exotic that if one does get added to the game it'll feel out of place and really un-natural.
    I don't like where MC is going…

  2. ●The Tuff Golem is a new golem. I voted for the Copper Golem last time just because it was a golem. I want more golems in the game so much…
    ● The tuff golem might be useful for long-range item transportation. I imagine you'd be able to program him with redstone and set a point A and point B for him to go back and forth carrying items and that sounds terribly useful

  3. I feel like compared to other votes this one is a lot more one sided. They went into waaaay more detail on how the sniffer works vs the golem and the rascal. And voting the sniffer is the safest option imo since they promised the most things out of the three

  4. Rascall is the best one by far, it can't just be ignored unlike the other two, a passive mob in the caves is really cool. Sniffer is a really bad one, I feel like after a short while players will just ignore the sniffer eggs as all it does is just find a stupid plant which we have no idea is interesting yet. Tuff golem at least still has a lasting use as a mobile item frame, depending on the way it holds items it could also just be really cool.

  5. The key word about sniffer is "ancient", im curious about how they are conected with the story of minecraft, we have the deep dark for the history of the land and now sniffer will tell us the history of the seas

  6. overall the sniffer seems the coolest with a whole ancient creature vibe and bringing new plants is very cool, plus it gives more incentive to actually look in those underwater cities for items

  7. It's official. I'm hardcore #TeamSniffer.
    The Rascal seems more of a hassle & I don't think the loot table is going to be worth it.
    The Tuff Golem seems useless to me.
    The Sniffer is adorable, it looks like the most likely to contribute to the world & lore of Minecraft, AND it's already linked to new possible items.

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  9. you don't think stressing out looking for a rascal for multiple hours in the HUGE mines so you can find an item that might help you will be stressful? That's what I'm concerned about I feel like it might be more stressful trying to find the rascal 3 times as it could literally go anywhere and so you the player will look everywhere and you will keep finding nothing.

    I dont think it's viable for speed runs either since there's only a small chance for it to spawn and even then you would have to find it three times for it to be useful this not only would kill your speed run potentially and add even more stress but it also doesn't seem like the Rascal would fit the game very well

    Plus people have mentioned it might spawn in mineshafts but even then in the mineshafts common item drops from chests are iron and gold it might be a better idea to just take that iron and make a pickaxe rather than looking for a way to get a slightly better one,
    Once you find one it might be useful however it becomes completely useless as you progress in the game, in fact I've concluded it's possible to get an enchanted iron pickaxe in Minecraft in less than an hour and I have a feeling it will take much longer to find the rascal rather than to make one yourself


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