Minecraft 1.19 Release Date + SECRET DESERT UPDATE?

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Minecraft has some amazing images to announce updates with, I’m sure this one would’ve made sense for some version of this update too

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33 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.19 Release Date + SECRET DESERT UPDATE?”

  1. I think it's everyones ,,fault", if fault is even the right word. The Problem is, the last few Updates were really big. The whole Neather has been updated, the worldgen, new (cave)biomes etc. The Problem is, that the players now see those big updates as mojangs new update standards and i think thats just wrong. Not every update is a big bummer, sometimes smaller updates are needed

  2. I really think they need to finally release a current gen console version? It has been over a year and a half and my PS5 would really like a real version. It would be nice to have faster loading times, controller haptics, better graphics and maybe even Ray Tracing! Maybe it is in progress but they are holding off for PSVR2 to be released so that support could be released at the same time.

  3. I believe its possible that one of the reasons they added that desert bit in there was just to show the frog color variations, as you can see there is a desert frog in the picture, so it does kind of make sense.

  4. No one seems to be happy about what is being updated. I'm not voting for anything so I'll be surprised one way or another. I like the new stuff though. Gives me something new to find. 🙂


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