Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot 1 – Its All Here!

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Minecraft 1.19 will add the deep dark biome, sculk blocks and warden mob! As well as ancient cities. In this Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot we get to see them all!

A Very Scary Snapshot

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00:00 Cheesing The Warden
00:59 Experimental Snapshot
01:27 The Deep Dark Biome
03:02 Silk Touch Sculk Blocks
03:27 Sculk Block & Veins
04:07 Sculk Catalyst
05:33 Sculk Shrieker
06:45 Darkness Effect
07:51 Swift Sneak Enchantment
09:03 The Warden
11:26 Projectiles
12:28 Mysterious Portal
13:27 Reinforced Deepslate
14:28 Ancient City
16:08 Loot Tables
16:40 City Rooms

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26 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot 1 – Its All Here!”

  1. what if the warden is guarding the portal and not the city. the high walls are designed to keep him out and the wool floors are so they dont wake him, all so they can exploit the portal and whatevers on the other side.

  2. I hope the bats setting off the warden remains a thing, where a random bat can organically save you when the warden is about to find you. Also makes sense with bats using echolocation and the warden being sensitive to vibrations.

    Also it finally gives a use to bats :}

  3. Only in Minecraft will I have my brain explode by the addition of something so small as a movable block that is blast resistant, I can just imagine all the possibilities with farms from that.

  4. As soon as the warden first enters minecraft, it instantly notices something is wrong. Running at intense speed arms flailing it proceeds to remove the problem as fast as possible: bats. It knows. Bats must go, warden is the new bat.

  5. i have a very weird suspicious feeling that the portal is activated via mechanisms… the portal like frame has pillars in-front of it with red stone lamps in them…. i predict that you have to activate these lamps in order for the portal to be activated… how ever i think that they will keep the new realm or dimension for another update.

    It has a lot of possibilities in my opinion, i hope i'm correct , that would be awesome.

    the pillars can be seen at 13:0513:10

  6. All these portal like gateways might be like gateway to random ancient cities till atlast you somehow randomly end up in the main gateway which actually leads you to another dimension…


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