Minecraft 1.19.3 Pre-Release 1 Customization Expanded & Bugfixes

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This update has one of my favourite changes in recent memory!

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0:00 1.19.3 Release Date
0:43 Mistakes Were Made
1:24 Minor Changes
2:51 Bugfixes
3:29 1.20 Changes
4:20 The Game Changer
5:12 Note Block Sound Field
5:51 Vanilla Tweaks
6:23 Resource Pack Sounds
6:50 Hermitcraft Implications
7:25 The Command
7:40 Other Bits

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42 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.19.3 Pre-Release 1 Customization Expanded & Bugfixes”

  1. I can’t wait to get started on building mob ambience machines to prank other players (some point in time I might post a video on it MAYBE) but I’m just exited for these new features for machines builds etc

  2. Noteblock stuff should be survival tbh. Like, people shouldn't really use that for mapmaking cause /playsound in the end is superior due to the options it has (pitch changing, hearing range, etc)

  3. @ Xisumavoid … I'd really love it if the HermitCraft Head datapack was updated with a small sound byte from all the hermits! Pretty please! And, while I'm asking for things .. is it possible to get a few of the different seasonal hermit changes heads added as well? I think they're all the from the same season you started that pack and never updated it. I'd love to collect all of them <3

  4. This video is going to be copyrighted striked. Due to oof in the video. is copyrighted now. The original dev of it copyrighted it and in doing so… ruined roblox. Dont believe me search it up.

  5. God do i miss that old damage sound effect… You know what else i miss? That april fools update where all the Villigers spoke normally and all the sound effects were also Villigers xD


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