Minecraft 1.19.1 Pre-Release 5 "On Send" & "On Modified"

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Minecraft 1.19.1 Pre-Release 5 fixes exploits related to player reporting

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0:00 Intro
0:56 1.19.1 Pre-Release 4
1:38 1.19.1 Pre-Release 5
2:14 New Chat Preview Settings
3:16 Hover Events
3:42 Audio Issues In 1.19
4:07 Minecraft Legends News

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27 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.19.1 Pre-Release 5 "On Send" & "On Modified"”

  1. There has never been a time in history when someone in power implemented a new law or major change to the way things work and require us to give something up, like privacy or access to a right, in the name of "safety", that was anything other than a power grab.

    Companies like Microsoft do not implement sweeping mechanisms by which they can control and moderate speech at will in the most widely played and open game on the planet for safety.

    Minecraft is a game that has literally been used by people in countries who are heavy handed in censorship, to circumvent that censorship. You don't think Microsoft, who could be very easily financially motivated to cow tow to political regimes to maintain their millions of dollars stake, will undo this?

    Mark my words, just like Google willingly designs censorship programs for Communist China, a country that is literally committing genocide, and facebook, which has literally manipulated elections in various countries for profit, Microsoft absolutely will use this against people who do not align with their political and or religious beliefs.

    This is happening on Discord, this has happened on Facebook, twitter, reddit, and YouTube. And if you think the calculated move to force everyone onto a Microsoft account on the largest game in history, and then a globally banning, unavoidable system that can censor anyone at any time for just about any reason, being added, was done for purely altruistic reasons, than you have seriously failed judge the morality of companies like m$ and et al. Mojang, like 343, has been gutted.

  2. I think/hope that most people have a BIG misconception about the ban thing. They think it's gonna be for just swearing (which Mojang said was not the case) or joking around, and that they are going to be personally at risk of getting banned.

    However, I think it's targeting more severe offenses. What about people using slurs or sexually harassing someone (with many children playing the game I might add)? I think these are a lot more clear cut cases. And a ban affecting all online play is here justified in my opinion. Otherwise those people could just go ahead and harrass a different community (yes even private servers). I think these bans should be temporary in the most cases, though, to give people a chance to reflect.

    I sincerely hope that's what Mojang is going for, and that the mild things people keep assuming will get them banned, are not actually bannable offenses. There are a number of issues and exploits with these systems, and I understand people being wary of that, especially with communication from Mojang's side lately. But also I think some people could reflect on why they think they're gonna get banned, and what that might say about the contents of their chat messages. Some things aren't great to be joked around either.

  3. i still think (and always will) that you should be able to call someone a cunt or retard without getting ANY bans. And also if somebody doesn't like it they absolutely should have the option to block you on a PERSONAL level…. not global ban. Trying to control or censor people never worked and never will.

  4. I'm still extremely unhappy that they moved the scroll bar over to the right. It looks so bizarre hanging out there in the middle of the screen, and there's no good reason for it to be there. Put it back on the left like it's always been already. Ugh.

  5. Step backward for minecraft. It feels like some tiny bit of freedom I have enjoyed with this game is being trampled on. My world, my voice… I don't need big brother watching over my shoulder ready at a moment's notice to disapprove at something I am saying to my friends. Big brother might not get the inside joke… Newbie on the server might not get the inside joke. This definitely feels like a leash attached to my game. Hold my hand daddy.

  6. 2:30 In my opinion these changes are not really that confusing. On a custom server which applies many changes to the chat formatting and adds additional features like emojis I think it's a good idea to be able to see the preview before sending the message. But having the preview enabled right when you're typing raises some possible privacy concerns, as it requires to send the typed message to the server, which theoretically could log and process everything that gets typed in the chat window, even if you are never sending it. So having the new third option seems like a good tradeoff for me.
    3:20 I think they are highlighted so you don't miss that a hover event has been secretly added to your message. Otherwise one would have to hover over every character in the message to check if no inappropriate hover events / messages has been added by the server.

  7. I would really love if they added the ground scatter from legends into vanilla. Though seeing as they couldnt make the birch forest changes, im doubtful they will ever be added

  8. Kid lets friend play MC while they go to toilet. Friend says bad things. Kid gets banned from every Minecraft server just for friend playing a prank. There's no good way to have this ban system in place.

  9. "You were so busy seeing if you could; you didn't stop to think if you should." – Ian Malcolm. (From Jurassic Park.)
    Again, Mojang/microsoft, do you really want to anger over 90% of the java community because you think Minecraft is a kids game?
    Just for the record, MarioKart is also rated 10+; and I've never heard it called a kids game.

  10. Xixuma they should not have this system. At all. Just because they're working on it and trying to make it better does not mean it's ok. The "outrage" as you call it is not undeserved.

  11. All it took was a year and a half to completely ruin the sense of the trust in Mojang. Even after the delay of 1.18, I was still on board with them.

    Underdelivering on 1.19, while developing a new game, and then pushing a widely hated chat regulation system is really all it took from them going to a solid, trustworthy company to a despised one.

  12. People don't have a problem with the system not being finished, they have a problem with this shit being in the game to begin with. Why, oh why does it censor me, and censor me in my SINGLE PLAYER game, too?

  13. Everyone keeps telling them not to add the chat moderation like they're currently doing and they're ignoring the players. I guess they pretty much can ignore us when they got their money after we bought the game.

    And i'm disappointed in how you agree with the restrictions on speech. Thank goodness mods exist, because if we had to live in your SJW dystopian world it's just not worth living at all.

  14. X, I know you won't read this, but no matter how much they polish this new feature, they're just polishing a turd and at the end of the day it's still a turd. They're attempting to fix something that was never broken.

  15. As long as servers can't opt out of the universal ban system (while still giving parents a way to prevent kids from joining servers that opt out), this will not be something that most of the community will ever settle for. Either through staying on 1.19/1.18.2 or through forcing the use of mods that disable the system, most servers will not take part – most server owners will trust themselves to determine who to ban and who not to ban more than they trust Mojang to decide that. X, I love your Hermitcraft videos, but I doubt this is something we'll ever agree on.

  16. Complaining about testing? Really? Actually complain about something that is significant, like how you can’t play Minecraft on Xbox X with older worlds.
    That is something to complain about. @Minecraft


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