Interviewing Minecraft's Biggest Scammer

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Today I interviewed Chxrlie, the person behind GlennMC, MelonSMP, SuperSMP and more.

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38 thoughts on “Interviewing Minecraft's Biggest Scammer”

  1. Wow, first of all congratulations on your sponsor! You deserve it! And secondly, amazing video! This clears up so much confusion about Chxrlie that I would have never known with you making this video. Thank you and amazing job on the video!

  2. Great video Caleb!
    I love that you changed the overall tone and the flow of the video! The editing is much more simpler, and can feel the Disrupt style and originality cherry on top when watching the video.
    Keep up the great work 👍

    Also great rebrand, matches the style of your content you're doing now, big fan

  3. Personally I dont think this will be the end of his story. I think this is just a new beginning to something bigger and hopefully better. But I don't think anything will be happening anytime soon but in a couple of months or years I cant wait to see a new video about him haha. Great video keep up the good work!


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