Infinity Wars Reborn…SCRAMBLE CRAFT HARDCORE! (Minecraft)

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Scramble Craft HARDCORE is a new Minecraft mod pack SMP. Cody and his 4 friends start a server playing the randomizer mod pack known as Scramble Craft. From random crafting, mob drops, villager trades to infinity gauntlets with all 6 infinity stones. Scramble Craft is back but if you DIE…you are BANNED!
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48 thoughts on “Infinity Wars Reborn…SCRAMBLE CRAFT HARDCORE! (Minecraft)”

  1. FYI, KRAKEN ALREADY HAS SPIES Cody If I was you I would try to get sweet berries and any other seeds and start farming asap. Also, if pams harvest craft is on here don't forget how OP the food scrafting was from the original series. I would also suggest trying to get as many dyes as possible and killing many many sheps 1. Their evil 2. Easy crafting recipes

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  3. Oh add something to the hardcore where if u die u can repair the dead person and bring them back to life but there will be a chance they get turned into a OP OP weapon/Armorblock but when ur repaired ur items in inv are gone


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