I think my Minecraft account is banned forever lol

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27 thoughts on “I think my Minecraft account is banned forever lol”

  1. I’ve got an idea, I’m these said emails just send them a link to one of your old videos that clearly shows that you are playing on that account which should be verification enough. Don’t quote me on it though.

  2. Okay well, if you could tweet at minecraft saying "My YouTube channel name enough, and I even joined with lunar using the same ID pass" (smething like that) with enough retweets and support from your youtuber friends might actually help…..

  3. My solution might not work, but the way I fixed my migration was going to the mojang website and then logging in there and changing the email there. It might not work because of your dad using the email for his account, but you might be able to add a new email to use with your account.
    Hope this helps!
    Also everyone like this so rek can see

  4. 5 step super simple plan to get your account back:

    1) Crash Minecon
    2) Kidnap Jens
    3) Force Jens to teach you how to code Minecraft
    4) Coffee break 🙂
    5) Recreate Minecraft from the ground up with your account in it

  5. You can use a different email to migrate, i used a different email to migrate my acc try it, it could work, u can create a new email and use it where u put your actual email.


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