I Built My FIRST FACTORY on New Life SMP : Minecraft Survival (#2)

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fWhip Built a The FIRST FACTORY on New Life!! A brand new Modded Minecraft Series! CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON IF YOU ENJOY!

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35 thoughts on “I Built My FIRST FACTORY on New Life SMP : Minecraft Survival (#2)”

  1. If you want a little bit more power with the waterwheel, you can put soulsand at the bottom-back. The bubble will add more power, for a total of 320stress capacity per wheel ( if I remember correctly )

    Love the look of the factory, I can't wait to see all the other build you will make 😀

  2. I know others have pointed you to tango's create series, but I'd like to double down on that and suggest you also create a sand generator… Just a thought…

  3. Because you're on a server, fWhip, I would recommend selling/trading the enchanted golden apple, because even if you have no use for it, someone else might wanna make a banner pattern with it. I absolutely covet those things because it's such a cool banner pattern! Dragon or a water serpent!

  4. I'm not good with naming places but did you need help with naming your cockatiel? I was thinking you could name it after your current Origin and keep it a Trickster type name like: Hermes, Loki, Pan, Puck, or Robin Goodfellow for male name. Or Morgan le Fay for a girl. Or you could go with just a parrot like name like Harmony, Quacker Jack, Chickpea, or Widget. Last giving it a tinkerer sounding name, and keeping with the Create Mod theme rather than your current Origin.

  5. i think you can make the water wheels faster by using a soul sand bubble column on the back side. i cant use create but i think Etho did that a while back on his modded world!


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