I Built An INFINITE AMETHYST FARM In Minecraft 1.19 Survival! (#62)

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AMETHYST FARM ✨ Today in our survival world we head to the deepest depths of our survival world to set up an efficient amethyst farm inside of a giant geode! This farm will get us waaay more Amethyst than we could ever need, and maybe more too!!

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47 thoughts on “I Built An INFINITE AMETHYST FARM In Minecraft 1.19 Survival! (#62)”

  1. There was 1 time I die when fall in water at river that have wide and deep. I jump from about 5block height into middle of water and died. The death message was "death.fell.accident.water" .

    I use Axe or Shovel with Efficiency and Fortune or Silk Touch to easy mining without accidently breaking the block

  2. I also harvest my amethyst manually, but I still like an allay for item collection. The shards fall all over the place, and I like to know that I’m getting them all.

    Nice looking farm! ❤️

  3. For the water landing at the bottom, I like to put signs up two blocks from the landing spot and put water above that. It's a lot cleaner for long drops, no damage, and you don't have to worry about getting out of the water. (: love your videos!


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