I BUILT AN AUTOMATIC GOLDEN CARROT FARM in Minecraft Hardcore 1.19 (#11)

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In today’s Minecraft Hardcore episode I built an Automatic Golden Carrot Farm! I used @Shulkercraft’s villager carrot/potato farm for the base of this design and then used my automatic gold farm to supply the gold for this farm! I really enjoyed this video so I hope you did as well!

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38 thoughts on “I BUILT AN AUTOMATIC GOLDEN CARROT FARM in Minecraft Hardcore 1.19 (#11)”

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  2. If anyone is having issues on the farm with villager suffocating, break the farmland at the foot of the farmer's bed and replace it with a solid block, like stone. There was a mechanic change that prevented villagers from waking up onto farmland, so instead they wake up on the bed and suffocate in the roof.

  3. simple fix is to remove the bed, break the 2 dirt blocks under the bed and place the bed there, the villager will wake up properly without breaking farmland and u wont lose 2 farming areas


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