How The New Minecraft Update Is Changing Rarity

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Glow squids are in fact in caves, and mountains are one of the rarest structures, 2 very interesting caves with a lot of overlap

Minecraft Bedrock is the same as Minecraft Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket Edition; or Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 & Switch

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36 thoughts on “How The New Minecraft Update Is Changing Rarity”

  1. I watched a video from 8 years ago and you were covering the update that introduced desert wells. However, you seemed very unexcited and unimpressed by them. How could you insult such a beautiful structure, I have never been so mildly offended in my life (this is a joke please don’t kill me)

  2. They should make spectral arrows that can shoot through blocks out of glow Inc sacs actually scracth that, what about a spectral tridents with the ends (instead of being made of metal) are made of glow spuid tentacles. And to not make it op only do 7 hearts of damage unlike on regular tridents. They're should be angler fish and glowing jellyfish in Cave lakes and deep ocean biomes too. The anglers lure other fish and drag players in too with their purple light. They would do 4 hearts of damage and have ten health. They drop angler scales that can be made into a head dress with its sharp teeth and bulb. As a mobile light source while caving that also attracts fish and axolotls.

  3. We voted for mountains so the devs can replace the existing mountains with new mountains like these. instead they added a different mountain type, made them incredibly rare, and kept the old ugly ones

  4. The update came out, I need to log in like always but haha, because I said “ur bad” I now need to use a phone I don’t have because Microsoft gets salty and it’s against there tos!

  5. I would like them to add bei h able to use glownink on string to make glowing string. Then maybe string could be much more viable when you place it? Maybe only at the nights making paths to follow at night time??

  6. imo bedrock and java need a "legacy console world" option (probably not called that but idk what to call it) where you could have the small biome size (or be able to select biome size) and the entire world would be 5120 x 5120 blocks (like legacy console large worlds. Maybe it could have an option to make it 864 x 864 like classic world size as while it seems like a small world, with the small biome size and increased spawning of biomes and structures, it really was good enough).

    that way, most structures would try to spawn at least once, and possibly multiple times, on a world that isn't too big, allowing people who don't want to travel too far to actually get to experience new features that are less common.

    And limited worlds can be more fun than infinite ones, but sadly on bedrock the only option with smaller worlds also doesn't have the nether or the end naturally spawning and you have to use commands to enter them. And i don't think it has increased structure spawning? not sure. the main advantage infinite worlds have over limited ones is that once you've explored the limited world, new features can't be found on existing worlds, but then you can just expand the limited world to infinite.

  7. i like how emeralds spawn more the higher up you go. i think that i makes it more appealing and fun if you wanna flatten a mountain, bc now you will get lots of emeralds! this helps builders who need flat areas, but for some reason wanted to do it in a mountain. also i am so ready to make a awesome mountain base

  8. I think this could also be an excuse to change rivers by ensuring there is always at least one stream of water going from the mountains (specifically, snow fields with glacially overdeepend lakes underneath the snowpack) to oceans, whenever possible by connecting all other otherwise disconnected rivers as they spawn now. That could help to discover mountains, even if you have to travel thousands of blocks on a river.

    The added height limit could also allow them to make large area "plateaus" (essentially the same as some of the extreme hills now, but more lively and less height variation) with waterfalls between the two "main layers" (ie, 60 or sea level as it is now for the main layer, and then also a second layer of the same terrain plains (with spruce or "pine" trees instead), desserts, large lakes, rivers , etc to spawn at like 80 or 100. If the cloud height was adjusted slightly was well, or became slightly dynamic, following the average over 100 blocks, it wouldn't feel so cramped when you are on the 2nd layer. However, I realize that may have the possibility interfere with the ability of mountains to "feel like mountains".


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