How Allay Was RIGGED Into Minecraft…

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How Allay Was RIGGED Into Minecraft…

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36 thoughts on “How Allay Was RIGGED Into Minecraft…”

  1. Spamming to vote for a mob and creating hashtags isnt rigging Lmao, its impossible for every single person to keep thier opinion by themself, I mean if people wanted to vote for lets say Glare, they would have made hashtags saying #voteglare and stuff as well and in politics people advertise what they want as much as they want lol, there is really nothing you can do to make it 100% uninfluenced.

  2. It wasn't totally rigged

    The community actually wanted the allay
    It has lore potential coz it's a ghost
    It's an hopper with an advanced AI

    And to be fair this is completely unbiased the copper golem does only press buttons in random, u could do tht with a chicken and a pressure plate

  3. Typical democracy where the loser think that the vote is rigged.
    Personally I don't think it's rigged because many people think that Allay is more useful than the other two

  4. Everything is actually useful than the copper golem ironically

    Glare: In Bedrock people don't have F3
    Allay: Really advanced Hopper with an AI
    Copper golem: randomly pushes buttons which u can do with leaves and observers, chickens and pressure plates, etc.

  5. Definition of rigged: manage or conduct (something) fraudulently so as to gain an advantage.
    "charges of vote-rigging"
    This was not fraudulent, they were just telling people to vote for the Allay. If an influencer tells you to vote for a presidential candidate then is the election rigged? No. It is not rigged as long as a party does not pay you to say it.

  6. honestly, i hate that you are telling its rigged, everyone wanted allay because its way better and has more ai, something you wanted and doesnt come into game doesnt mean that its rigged


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