Hardcore Minecraft But With Fortune 1000 Pickaxe…

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Can You Beat Minecraft With Fortune 1000 Pickaxe?

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29 thoughts on “Hardcore Minecraft But With Fortune 1000 Pickaxe…”

  1. I've definitely love the video where u did the tnt flat world. The was amazing. And I have seen about 3 golden apples. I saw 1 when u made the gapples in the nether and 1 when u sorted out u inventory for ender dragon fight and 1 when u ate it whilst fighting the dragon. There u go. Now I am participating in this competition for 250$

  2. yo, it is currently 4:56 in the morning and i finally decided to be honest with myself, i first want to say how i used to watch you do top fives and to see u end up playing minecraft is weird… it's strange, it's almost as though you don't recognize yourself, but if Im being completely honest, i think you're just doing what you enjoy to do, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you're happy heh


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