EVERY UPDATE In Minecraft 1.19.30!

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Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.30 is OUT! 😎 The new Minecraft update includes a dangerous deep dark change, lots of block fixes, and a brand new copy coordinate function. In this video we take a look at every change in the Minecraft 1.19.30 update!!

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32 thoughts on “EVERY UPDATE In Minecraft 1.19.30!”

  1. The Deep Dark update I think is what sticks with me the most tbh LMAOOO, literally just yesterday I was exploring a Deep Dark biome and thought "wow, I've been getting really really lucky with these shriekers" (because I either wasn't encountering them, or they weren't close enough to any sensors), and literally the next day Mojang said "aight bet" 😭😭😭

  2. Fact of the day: a term used to refer to human meat by cannibals that might fly under the radar was "long pork" (making the stack of pork "dropped" by the villager just slightly more disturbing)

  3. They need to a hot fix as there are tons of bugs with this update such as chunks not loading, zoning into blocks like literally inside hundreds of blocks away from your existing portal. Black spots on maps. Shadows with light level 0 intermittently scattered around the land….etc there are tons I’ve seen and that’s not to mention the ones on the mojang bug reports

  4. You’ve stayed at the same subs for a long while and you sound like your panicking through the whole video. Minecraft videos dying and I’ll always love Minecraft but calm down add more music maybe. Coming from me having no subs but js

  5. I kinda hate the feature where us mobile players doesn't need to download the music cuz it makes the MB higher like 500 now. I miss when it doesn't have the music added to the game alr. It makes the MB higher and some people doesn't care about the music much though.

  6. I haven't updated yet, and yes, I can confirm the enchantment table sounds just aren't there. I only noticed it last night after enchanting a full set of armor, so I'm glad it's already been fixed.
    As an Android player, I think it's a pity that the music is no longer a separate music pack. Made it real easy to rip the music from the game so I can listen to it whenever I want. But I understand the choice.


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